The Evil Eye
The Evil Eye… also known as “Malocchio” Perhaps you have heard someone in your lifetime say, "Do not make her mad, for she is a Witch and she will put the Evil Eye on you". Well, it does exist and it can happen to you without your knowing that you have been inflicted by someone. Let us review some history facts: The Evil Eye is one of the oldest and mostly wide spread inborn superstitions to possess man.  The belief that there is a transmittal power of Evil existing in man, which can suddenly discharge upon any object it beholds, has existed since the time of prehistoric man. The origin of the belief is lost in the age of obscurity but carried forward and documented during the time when Witchcraft and Magic long preceded the world of Science. Its existence was attested to in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Bible and the classic Greek and Roman Writings. It was widely believed by the Ancients that certain envious or evil people could induce sickness and death merely by casting their Eye on another person. Its piercing force avowed to be so powerful could infect surrounding objects. There are two kinds of conditions associated with the Evil Eye: 1. The Moral 2. The Natural The moral power is exercised by the will performing the consciously deliberate action created in the mind. More terrible are those in whom the power of the evil eye is natural and whose destructive look unconsciously can produce harmful effects. Throughout the years scientists, philosophers and skeptics called the belief of the evil eye a foolish primitive superstition. Even still it continues to influence many people around the world today. "Evil Eye" symptoms: 1. Total head and back of the neck pain and the feeling of heavy eyes. 2. An Acute uneasiness or apprehension: everything seems to go wrong. 3. Stomach ache accompanied with dizziness and a feeling of vomiting. The above are preliminary conditions and without the aid of a healer can lead to worse conditions or even Death. There are several methods or spells that can dispel the Evil Eye if one is inflicted, but they will not work for the inexperienced Magician.
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