Superstitions, Omens, Beliefs

 "Things happen in three's" THEY REALLY DO!

Handed down through the ages of time are many different superstitions. It may be about a

certain Charm or Amulet that you wear to protect, ward off, or attract certain things. Or it may

be about every day things like a black cat crossing your path, or walking under a ladder. All

these things I will try to show you as I know them. Some of them may sound stupid, some may

sound more realistic. You make the ultimate decision on what to believe and what not to. You

make your own truth!


ARROW - Symbol of desire and virility.

ARROW HEADS - Worn as an amulet to ward off evil.

BEES - Bearers of goodwill. symbol of virginity.

BELLS - Symbolizes  peace and non-violence. Used to ward off evil influences. Legend has it

that demons cannot stand the sound of bells.

BALANCE - Symbolizes justice.

BORE - Symbolizes evil according to ancient Thebes.

BROOM - If a broom falls in your home... unwelcome company will come to visit you.

CATS - Cats worn on a broach or amulet bring good luck. A black cat crossing your path is

considered bad luck.

CRACKS - Step on a crack, break your mothers back.

CRANE - Symbolic bird of the sun.

CROSS-ROADS - Considered to be the ultimate place to do black magic.

DOG - A dog following you home is a good omen.

DOG HOWLING - A dog howling foretells the death of someone nearby.

DOVE - The emblem of purity. A descending dove represents the Holy Spirit.

DRUMS - Symbols of fertility and sexuality.

EAGLE - Warn as an amulet it wards off harm.

EAGLE FEATHERS - Worn to bring prosperity.

EYE - symbolically represents intelligence and spirituality.



FORK - If a fork falls in your home...welcome company will call.

GARLIC - Worn around the neck wards off vampires.

GOAT - In some cultures it symbolizes the devil.

HAND - Worn as an amulet it protects against evil.

HORSE SHOE - Brings good luck when displayed.

MOON - It is considered bad luck to point at the moon anytime.

MOON ECLIPSE - A bad omen of a foreshadowed evil force prevailing.

METEORITES - Falling to the earth is a good omen. The black stone held sacred by Moslems

is thought to be from a meteorite.

MIRRORS - To break a mirror is seven years bad luck.

OWL - A symbol of wisdom.

PALM - Symbolizes victory.

PIG - Good luck talisman for some, others consider it to be bad luck or taboo.

PINE CONE - A powerful protection amulet against evil forces.

PHOENIX - A legendary bird that represents resurrection.

RAINBOW - To see a rainbow is good luck. Legend has it that there is a pot of gold at the end

of a rainbow.

RABBITS FOOT - Prosperity and the ultimate good luck.

SALT - Carried to ward off evil.

SHOOTING STAR -  When seeing a shooting star if you make a wish it will come true!

SKULL - Used as a warning sign and represents our mortality.

SPIDER - If a spider lands on your clothes it is considered good luck.

THREE'S - Things happen in three's.  And they do!

TIKI - A Tiki is a good luck charm when worn.

TOAD - An amulet to protect you from the evil eye.

TRIANGLE - Symbol of life and the Holy Trinity.

Remember... All these superstitions, no matter how silly they sound can be a reality for many people. If you believe in something strong enough then it can come true. It's the power of positive thinking. The same positive thinking you use when you do a spell or make an amulet. If you don't believe in your magic it will not work! There are many many more superstitions.... the list goes on and on.
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