This is my Independence Day Celebration doing a Upside Down Suspension which I found most enjoyable. We had to stitch up my legs afterwards where the flesh Tore. After that I stood in the pouring Rain for several hours freezing in my wet clothes. Then needless to say the next day was the worst.... I could barely walk at all. My legs hurt so bad. But it only took a couple days to be back to normal. Ah the price I pay to do Bizarre things to my body and truly live Free.

This is who I am... Puzuzu

Looks like a Bloody Stalagmite dripping down......!

Oh fuck... here we go.....

Yes... Im really talking on my Iphone

Nice Bloody wet spot on the back of my pants. Ok everybody now... and 1 and 2 and 3 and Stretch..!

Ah yes... Torn Flesh... yumm! Do ya think Sketcher Shoes will sponsore me...? I don't think so.

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