4th Suspension of Puzuzu

Welcome to my personal Bloody Delights. This being my 4th Suspension and looking 4 a new type of Painful experience to once again test the mind. This was a 2 Point Suspension from the chest with the larger Hooks. I must say that with my weight and only 2 Hooks this was the most painful one of all. Plus I made 2 ft long Welding Rods to go thru my Triceps and my Ribs.... that part was fun.

A special Thankx 2 PeaT once again and all my friends in the Freedom Suspension Group.

Now this actually feels good. Ah yes... I'm smiling here... but not for long... ha!


What the Hell... I'm not smiling anymore


This feels like Hell Fire


My Favorite.... mmmm yum!


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