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Choosing a Magical Name
Dream Recall
Astral Projection
Time Travel
Do Spells work?
Moon Phases
Table of Astral Colors
Planetary Days and Hours
Magical Days & how 2 use them
The Magic Circle
Consecrating & Blessing the Circle
Casting & Closing a Circle
Black Mirrors
Pendulums and Dowsing
Ouija Boards
The Wiccan Way of Life
Magical Oils for Love
Candle Magic
Magic Potions
Fire Magic
Black Magic
Omens and Beliefs
Wedding Superstitions
The Evil Eye
Garlic vs Evil
Vibrating Sacred Names
Conjuring Spirits
The Triangle of Solomon
Blood Sacrifice
Suicide Suspension
2 Point Chest Suspension
Crucifixion Suspension
Resurrection Suspension
Upside Down Suspension
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