For everyone out there simply looking to relax or those of you who wish to enter a deep state of meditation...
New Age Music is a must. I myself use it for meditation, Relaxation and for my Ritual Magick work.
There are many New Age Music Artists out there but I have my favorites.
Along with this I also enjoy Classical Music from long ago.

Here are my favorite New Age Musical Artists.

"Eternity Within"
Frank Danna

This is my favorite Cd that I use to meditate with and to use in my Ritual work.
Truly an Awesome Cd that will get you into the mood of your Rituals or a serious Deep state of conciseness.
Listen to the sample track on the Cd page.... you will love it. This is my #1 pick of all.

Deva Primal
She has many Cds to choose from.
Her music is excellent for meditation or just relaxation.
Her music is based on Krishna
sounds and methodical rhythms, but Premal's voice is one that resonates into the soul.
It will seduce your Body mind and soul.
The music she produces, makes me feel good and energetic afterwards.
She is my #2 pick.
Listen to some of the sample tracks!

Steven Halpern
He has so many Cds to choose from.
He has been in my collection for years.
I remember many times I would drive around and listen to his music and end up 50 miles away.
This music will send you into space.

There are so many other Artist out there. But you will have to find the ones you like the best.

Puzuzu C.2006