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Beginners Section

Choosing a Magical Name
Control your Dreams
Dream Recall
Astral Projection
Time Travel
Do Spells work?
Moon Phases
Table of Astral Colors
Planetary Days and Hours
Magical Days & how 2 use them
Pendulums and Dowsing
Ouija Boards
Omens and Beliefs
Wedding Superstitions
Garlic vs Evil
Favorite Links

High Magick - Sorcery
The Magic Circle
Conjuring Spirits
The Triangle of Solomon
The Great Invocation
The Seven Lords - Invocation

Blood Sacrifice
Making a Talisman
Consecrating a Talisman

The Control System
3 False Pardigms
Brainwashed Sheep
Religion - Control the Masses
The Great Culling
Death from Above

Occult Blogs
Puzuzu on Tumblr
Veivos on Tumblr
Puzuzu on Google Blogger

Veivos on Google Blogger

Puzuzu Things
Numerology Readings
Compatibility Readings
Talk 2 PuZuZu one on one
Spells & Magic Banners
Awards Room
About Puzuzu

Spiritual Things
Erase your Karma *
Retreats of the Etheric Planes
Unconditional Love

The Law of Attraction
Vibrating Sacred Names
Spiritual Cleansing with Sage
Darkness to Light
Shrine to Archangel Michael
The 3 Legged Frog
Hallucinogens 4 Spiritual purposes
Prayer... is anyone listening?
The Shining Ones
Water is Life

Flesh Hook Suspensions
Suicide Suspension
2 Point Chest Suspension
Crucifixion Suspension
Resurrection Suspension
Upside Down Suspension

Occult Books and Things
Occult Books and Magical Things

New Pages *
Occult Artwork *
Sorcerer's Ball of Light *
Erase your Karma *
Control your Dreams *
3 False Paradigms *
Puzuzu Blog on Tumblr *

Occult Misc.
The Number 13
Power Spots
Your House Vibration Number
The Symbolism of Horns
Psychic Vampires
The Crystal Ball
Goddess of Water Crystals
Roses - Colors & Meanings
Seeing Number Sequences.html

Witchcraft and Spells
188 Love spells, charms, potions
Flying Witches
Black Magic
The Power of 3

Magical Oils for Love
Candle Anointing
Candle Magic
Magic Potions
Curse Removing
Fire Magic
Consecrating a Circle
Casting & Closing a Circle
Black Mirrors
The Evil Eye
The Wiccan Way of Life

Voodoo Chickens Feet

Articles about PuZuZu
Magick, Aliens, and Skydiving




























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For the aspiring Sorcerer and Witch

Puzuzu brings you all aspects of the occult for the aspiring Sorcerer or Witch. love spells, white magic spells, ceremonial magic spells, incantations, candle magic spells, black magic spells, voodoo spells, conjuration's, and invocations. All this information for free. There is also Spiritual teachings on this site to help you with your Ascension process. In order to have access to all realms and dimensions, one must raise their vibration through building the body of light. You will find all that you need to do that within these pages written by Puzuzu.

Many of you wish something magical would happen in your life, therefore you must believe in the power of magic. However, you must be willing to study hard and practice daily, making the Occult a way of life. If you believe in the power of Magic your dreams can come true. We all have needs in life and Magic can help fulfill those needs. Whether it be power, money, fame, revenge, or love, the universe can be bent to our will and it can all be achieved with spells and magic. Remember these things are not granted to those who Dabble and pretend to be that which they are not. Those of you whom "Dabble" will pay the Piper.

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This site is not intended for children.

Choose your Destiny now, as the Night approaches.