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Puzuzu brings you all aspects of the occult  for the aspiring Sorcerer or Witch. Love spells,  black magic, white magic spells, high magick  spells, incantations, invocations are all here  for free. There are also Spiritual teachings on  this site to help you with your "Ascension"  process. In order to have access to all realms  and dimensions, one must raise their vibration  through building the body of light. You will find all  your Spiritual needs within these pages written by Puzuzu.  Many of you wish something magical would happen in your life,  therefore you must believe in the power of magic. However, you must be  willing to study hard and practice daily, making the Occult a way of life. If  you believe in the power of Magic your dreams can come true. We all  have needs in life and Magic can help fulfill those needs. Whether it be  power, money, fame, or love, the universe can be bent to our will and it  can all be achieved with spells and magic. Remember these things are  not granted to those who Dabble and pretend to be that which they are  not. Those of you whom "Dabble" will pay the Piper.         However, if you want true magcial abilities in this world, you must  attune yourself to higher vibrations. The money, fame, revenge, and  material gain, will only keep you enslaved to the 3rd dimensional chaotic  material world and you will only find yourself reincarnating over and over  again to this chaotic place until you change your priorities. There are  people in this would (living masters) who have powers like Christ and  Buddha did. They can walk on water, bi-locate, shape-shift, heal the sick,  and do many miracles because they have chosen a dedicated spiritual  path that is one of raising their vibrations, release of material things,  and  living a life in service to others. Those whom are self-serving will forever  be trapped here in this world. There are many pages on this site to help  you with your Spiritual needs. So the Keys are in your hands now. 
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